Makerbot Method X Rapidrinse™ Filament 0.45Kg

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MakerBot 1.75mm METHOD X RapidRinse™ Filament is a high-quality 3D printing material designed for use with MakerBot's METHOD X 3D printer. This filament is made from a proprietary polycarbonate blend, which gives it excellent strength and durability, making it suitable for printing strong, functional parts.

One of the key features of the METHOD X RapidRinse™ Filament is its ease of use. It has been specially formulated to work seamlessly with the METHOD X printer, meaning that it is easy to load, extrude, and print with. The filament also has a consistent diameter of 1.75mm, which ensures a reliable and consistent print quality.

RapidRinse™ is a tap water soluble filament, which means that it dissolves easily in pure tap water without the need for wash tanks or chemicals. This makes it a convenient and user-friendly option for 3D printing in a variety of environments, without the hassle of additional equipment or complicated processes.

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