Makerbot Method X ABS-R Filament Red 0.65Kg

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The MakerBot Method X ABS-R Filament Red 0.65Kg is a high-quality 3D printing material designed for use with MakerBot's Method X 3D printer. This filament is made from advanced ABS-R material, which has been engineered for superior print quality, strength, and durability.

With its consistent diameter and low shrinkage rate, the Red ABS-R Filament allows for reliable and uniform printing of complex and detailed objects. The filament is also resistant to high temperatures, impact, and wear, making it ideal for printing functional parts, prototypes, and models.

The vibrant Red color of the filament creates a bold and eye-catching finish, making it an excellent choice for printing objects that require a striking appearance or need to be color-coded or branded. The 0.65Kg spool size ensures efficient and cost-effective 3D printing, with minimal waste and downtime.

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