Makerbot Method X ABS-R Filament Black 0.65Kg

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MakerBot 1.75mm METHOD X ABS-R Filament Black is a high-quality 3D printing material designed for use with MakerBot's METHOD X 3D printer. This filament is made from ABS-R, a premium-grade ABS that has been engineered for exceptional print quality, strength, and durability. Its consistent diameter ensures a reliable and uniform print quality, while its low shrinkage rate helps to prevent warping and cracking during printing.

One of the key features of the METHOD X ABS-R Filament Black is its ability to produce high-quality prints with a matte black finish. This makes it an ideal choice for printing objects with a sleek and professional appearance, such as prototypes, functional parts, and models.

METHOD X ABS-R is an advanced ABS material that offers exceptional printing reliability and performance, with a 98% reduction in jamming for consistent and repeatable production of ABS prototypes, tools, and parts. This material is also compatible with RapidRinseā„¢ Fast Dissolving Support, which allows for easy removal of support structures without the need for harsh chemicals or specialized equipment.

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